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Fit met Wii-Fit? (verschenen in Kansas University Journal)

Steeds meer mensen – vooral jongeren – gebruiken de Nintendo Wii-Fit voor hun dagelijkse sportbeoefening. Gezondheidsexperten juichen dit toe, maar hebben hier ook bedenkingen bij. Nintendo Wii: Does it have health benefits?

Nintendo Wii has been one of the most popular video game consoles since its release in 2006. It has recently become even more popular thanks to the addition of Wii Fit, which allows you to exercise via the video game system hooked up to your television.

With Wii Fit’s popularity, recent release and the fact that it’s an exercise game, people are turning to Wii Fit to get their exercise.

Wii Fit allows a person to exercise using a balance board and to choose from 40 different exercise games in four categories: yoga, aerobics, balance and strength training. Wii Fit allows you to create your own character, called a Mii, and track your fitness progress through your Body Mass Index (BMI). Users can play a variety of games such as hula hooping, boxing, running, yoga, basic aerobics and more.

While many people and places are using Wii Fit for their exercise needs, health experts aren’t sure how much the Wii Fit can actually help people lose weight and stay healthy.
“Electronic games like the Wii are not substitutes for regular exercise,” says Joseph Donnelly, director of the Energy Balance Laboratory at the University of Kansas. “They cannot give you the same workout as a regular workout.”

In fact, some health experts have estimated that it would take six to eight hours on Wii to expend the equivalent amount of energy of a regular 15- to 30-minute workout.
But while Wii Fit may not be an alternative to regular exercise, it could, however, be a great complement or a way to start exercising, and it can also help with arthritis.
John Moores University in Liverpool, England, conducted a study on Wii and concluded that while Wii Fit games burn a decent number of calories, they’re not comparable to regular workouts.

For example, a game of Wii tennis burns approximately 179 calories per hour, while an actual game of tennis burns 270 calories per hour. The Wii doesn’t compare to regular exercise, but it does beat out its rival, the Xbox, by burning more calories while playing than the Xbox does.

But perhaps most importantly, the release of Wii Fit has promoted a greater awareness of fitness and healthiness. Experts agree this is a great product for people wanting to get started exercising, and especially good for children.

So, if you’re looking to get into shape, burn some calories and have fun while doing it, get yourself in step with Wii and Wii Fit.

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